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What options do I have if some formats do not display properly when viewed in my browser?
Many formats support a delivery mode setting using the Advanced Settings link, allowing you to save a tool result directly as a file that you can then view in an application having better support for this format.

Some MathML results cause my browser to complain about missing character entities. Is there a way I can overcome this limitation?
MathML Advanced Settings support outputting the MathML using various sets of character entities that may be defined in external XML DTDs and may not be immediately available when viewing the MathML results. You can choose the XML character entity set, which limits the use of character entities to the minimum set required by XML.

What browsers have been tested to work with the MathML tools?
The following browser versions have been tested and known to work with the MathML tools: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Mozilla 3.4, Chrome 10.0 and Safari 5.0.

Are JavaScript and browser cookies required when running the MathML tools?
Yes, support for Version 1.6 of JavaScript is recommended, and the shared preferences between multiple uses of the MathML tools Advanced Settings require that cookie support be enabled in your browser.

Is there a limit to what I can submit as a file or URL?
Yes, there is a reasonable limit imposed on submitted files, but this limit should not prohibit a majority of valid, large submissions from working.